PREPARE For Your Happily Ever After


ENRICH The Commitment You Already Made!

Many couples spend months and sometimes years planning, saving and preparing for the perfect wedding day.


So what happens after the I DO's and the "Happily Ever After" begins?

Well, according to the American Psychological Association, 40-50% of those end up divorced. At the same time couples who participate in premarital counseling and then get married are 30% LESS likely to divorce (Meta-analysis “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Premarital Prevention Programs” 2003). 

What does this mean?

It means that premarital counseling is an investment that increases a couples relationship before, during and after the wedding day. 

The PREPARE/ENRICH program has been successful throughout communities, religious organizations and counselors for 35 years.


Couples who PREPARE and ACTIVELY participate in premarital counseling and married couples who want to ENRICH their relationship will learn: 

* How to identify strengths in the relationship

* Where tendencies derive from

* How to form relationship building skills

* Healthy communication skills

* Proper conflict resolution

* Identify personal and relationship goals

* Financial management skills

* Sex and affection tools and expectations

* Extended family and friends roles 

* Children and parenting tools and expectations 

No two couples are alike which is one reason why I chose the PREPARE/ENRICH curriculum and became a certified marriage educator.


The program covers all of the required areas for premarital counseling.


It comes with an assessment for the couple to take before our sessions begin. The assessment allows me to focus on the strength and growth areas that are unique to each couple. This will allow the couple to best benefit from the program and achieve maximum growth.

There are two options for this program

Individual Couple Sessions


* 1-2, 60-minute sessions/ week for 6-8 weeks 

* Custom online assessment for couple

* Workbook and materals

* Premarital education certificate (qualifies for the discounted Georgia marriage license fee)


(Discounted to $120 through June 1st 2020)

Accelerated virtual sessions

* 3, 60 minute sessions/ week for 2 weeks 

*Custom online assessment for couple

* Digital workbook 

* Premarital education certificate (qualifies for the discounted Georgia marriage license fee, please allow up to 10 days to receive via certified mail)

Group Session 


* Budget Friendly

* Small sessions 4 couples max 

* 1 day session (Select Saturdays 10am-6pm)

* Custom online assessment for couple 

* Workbook and materals

* Premarital education certificate (qualifies for the discounted Georgia marriage license fee)

* 30 minute follow-up meeting or phone call to discuss individual couple's questions

Premarital counseling makes a great shower or wedding gift!

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